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Air Conditioner Cleaning

Get better and healthier feelings
with Cleaning Service of Hyundai Rental Care
Do you know Keeping your air conditioner clean will prevent airborne bacteria , germs because air conditioner involves temperature control?
If you are not regularly cleaning air conditioner, the molds will grow, spread, and produce spores throughout house.
Come and join cleaning service for air conditioner with Hyundai Rental Care.
Do you need cleaning Air Conditioner?
  • Dropping water
  • Higher Cooling bill
  • Odor from air conditioner
  • Weak air flow and not cooling
  • Worries of sanitary condition

Down Up

7 steps for cleaning Air conditioner
  1. 1. Identify product and
    customer’s information
  2. 2. Disassemble product and
    checking components
  3. 3. Cleaning cooling fins and coils
  4. 4. High pressure wash
  5. 5. Take out the filter and clean
    it either by vacuuming it or
    rinsing it with warm, sudsy water.
  6. 6. Complete assembling product
  7. 7. Testing out performance and Finish

Service Fee

(Except VAT)

Wall mounted type, Standard Type, System type service fee
Wall mounted type Standard Type System type
₩70,000 ₩80,000 ₩130,000
Customer Service 82+ 2 1800-8888