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CEO Message

Hyundai Department Store Group’s Home Care Rental Co., 
We will lead the way in rental areas so our customers can enjoy more convenient and great lives.
Hello,  I am, Hwa Eung Kim, the CEO of Hyundai Rental Care.

As the technology advances, our lifestyle is changing rapidly. We no longer wish to use or own things for long in
our lives. The concept of consumption shifted from ‘ownership’ to ‘usage’ and it is within this shift, rental culture
is grown significantly fast.

As a prompt response to such change, Shortly after its launch in April 2015, Hyndai Rental Care introduced Water
Purifier to the Home Appliance market. We will not stop challenging ourselves to add more values to our customers
lives, and also to become the best rental company in the world.

The main driving force behind Hyundai Rental Care officers’ researching and challenging is the "Right Customer
Service Mindset". Hyundai Rental Care will continue to spend tremendous amount of effort to provide great lifestyles to
its customers under its mission: "Customer Satisfaction".

We always value the relationship we build with each and every customer with preciously, and ins-
tead of making it a one time deal, we will become a company that differentiates itself by making
the relationships last forever by taking good care of life style.

Thank you so much for your interest and all of your support. We appreciate it