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Trust and ceaseless innovation are Hyundai Rental Care’s mission, promise to its
clients and the driving force that leads itself to higher values and goals.
Driving force that could drive a higher values and goals. 
Hyundai Department Store Group’s premium service has constantly been evolving over the past 40 years, and in an effort to better serve more customers with the premium service, a new brand titled Hyundai Rental Care has launched in April 2015. Within the rental market constantly growing annually, Hyundai Rental Care tries its best to reach more customers to cooperating with other group subsidiaries.

From the initial meeting with the customer to post service customer care management, we would like to spend our time with our customer through interaction. Making the rental location services and care services and creating discriminatory values, better go to a win-win relationship with local communities to build a social responsibility that will be carried. A revolutionary challenge to create a new lifestyle is the history Hyundai Rental Care will be making.

Down Up

  • April. 2015
    Hyundai Department Store Group’s
    Home Care Rental Co.,
    Hyundai Rental Care has launched.
  • June. 2015
    Pure Mineral Purifier has been released.
  • June. 2015
    Launched on Hyundai Hmall
  • June. 2015
    Smart Slim Purifier has been released.
  • June. 2015
    Premium Purifier has been released.
  • July. 2015
    Introduced on Hyundai Livart Style Shop .
  • July. 2015
    Launched on Lotte iMall
  • August. 2015
    Launched on K-Shopping.